Is Theo Epstein The Worst Shortstop Evaluator of All Time?


The Red Sox revolving door at shortstop should be ending soon with the emergence of 20 year old phenom Xander Bogaerts.  And in all honestly, I have no fucking clue who brought that dude in, but how ASS was Theo at evaluating shortstops?  Edgar Renteria?  Fucking awful.  Julio Lugo?  Dude looked like a headless turkey out there.  Then we hear all about how great Jose Iglesias is gonna be.  Kid can’t even hit (Billy Madison voice).

I’m not saying Theo wasn’t a good GM either.  He brought us 2 championships, and will probably go down as the greatest Sox GM of all time.  But how is it with an enormous payroll we couldn’t get a guy to stay at short for more than 2 seasons?  And now Ben Cherington comes in and signs Stephen Drew.  Phew, the savior has arrived.  If I were a betting man (which I’m not, and that’s a story for another time) I’d be willing to bet Stephen Drew is on the 60 day DL by May.  Well done, Ben.  Well done.


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